Welcome to the Court-Ordered Community Service Program

In partnership with Central Florida’s judicial court system, Goodwill offers a court-ordered community service program. Under Florida law, a judge can require offenders to complete service as a form of restoration/reparation and as an opportunity for rehabilitation.

Goodwill’s program allows individuals to meet this requirement while giving back to the community. Last year, 2,687 people fulfilled their service through Goodwill – a total of 78,412 hours by the end of 2015.

By providing this opportunity for offenders to actively engage and contribute to our community, we’re able to improve the lives of participants and help them make a fresh start.


In order to be approved to perform community service hours at Goodwill Industries, the following guidelines must be met. You must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age and have a photo ID
  • Have liability insurance coverage provided by your Probation Office.
  • Must have timesheet, letter of introduction, or other necessary paperwork from probation officer. This must be emailed to us in order to process the application.
  • Must have a 25 hour minimum of community service assigned.
  • Goodwill reserves the right to approve or deny any and all charges.


Please note that charges must have occurred in Goodwill's service area, which includes these Central Florida counties only:  Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Lake, Seminole, and Volusia. 

Program requirements:

In order to receive credit for all hours completed, you must:

  • Provide picture ID.
  • Be able to work a minimum of 4 hours per shift.
  • Log in and out of the time and attendance system at the beginning and end of each shift in order to receive full credit for hours worked. You will be removed from the court-ordered community service program if you are absent for 15 consecutive days or more.
  • Complete your assigned hours at least 48 business hours before your court-ordered scheduled deadline.
  • Communicate with store personnel and management, function independently without constant supervision, follow instructions and perform multi-step tasks.
  • Be able to lift 20 pounds, stand, bend and stoop.
  • Wear proper clothing to work (i.e., long pants, business casual shirt and closed-toe shoes). Absolutely no T-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, shorts, cutoffs, shirts with advertising or offensive graphics or words, swimwear, spandex, or ripped or disheveled clothing will be tolerated.


  • Goodwill does not accept individuals convicted of the following current charges:

    • Violence (battery, domestic violence, any type of assault,)
    • Weapon charges
    • Breaking and entering (burglary and/or robbery)
    • Felony DUIs through the Department of Corrections
    • Possession of cocaine or heroin
    • Theft of any kind
    • Lewd, Prostitution, Sexual Offenses
    • Larceny


Running Out of Time to Complete Your Hours?

Goodwill has Express Hours available for you to complete quickly at the following locations:


  • West Melbourne
  • North Melbourne
  • Orange City


Hours available: Mon - Sat 9AM to 8PM & Sun 10AM to 6PM


*The location of Express Hours is subject to change on a weekly basis*


Steps in the application process:

      1. Click the link below to apply

      2. E-mail the required documents to the address listed in section 2 of the application (If we do not receive the       required documents within 24 hours of submitting the application you will be denied and will have to re-                apply)

      3. Once we receive all necessary paperwork you will receive a follow-up email with further instructions to              complete the Orientation (Orientation E-mail)

      4. Watch the Orientation Video and accept the terms and conditions of the Goodwill Community Service                  Program (This is required in order to be assigned a location)

      5. Once your application has been approved you will report to the assigned contact person.


*Please remember to e-mail your required documents within 24 hours of submitting your application. Your application will be DENIED if you fail to do so. Follow the directions in the link below to apply.*


Click Here to Apply



did you know

Donating to Goodwill can make a big difference in the lives of military veterans. Goodwill's training and placement services help vets with disabilities adjust to the civilian workforce.

did you know

At Goodwill, we’ll gladly accept your cell phone, computer or laptop, reducing e-waste that would otherwise clog landfills.