Collaboration comes in many unique forms. Recently we provided 1,000 gently used hardcover books to our friends at the Garden Theatre in downtown Winter Garden, Florida.

The books will be repainted and used in the set design of the theatre’s upcoming play Into the Woods( We were happy to help the theatre with this project. Jolene Patrou, Communications Coordinator at the Garden Theatre, states:

TheGarden Theatre is fortunate to have Goodwill Industries of Central Florida as a resource and friend in the community. We can’t wait to share what we’ve created with their help!”

This example of collaboration has a special theme to it which can be summed up in one word: “re-investment.”

Oftentimes we think of an investment as an investment in tangible capital. At Goodwill our focus is on investing in human capital and we do just that through work at our 9 Job Connection Centers across Central Florida and through numerous veteran, youth and job skills programs.

I said reinvestment earlier because, while we serve anyone in need, we specialize in serving those with barriers to employment.

When you find yourself disadvantaged and out of work sometimes all it takes is a little bit of “goodwill” and a second chance. This is what re-investment is all about.

The donated books will add to the atmosphere of the upcoming play that will surely delight audiences. There is a return to that investment; smiles on children’s faces, a fun evening for all in attendance, and the creation of new memories.

In a similar way providing someone with a new job, a new resume, a certificate, job skills or interview clothes also has a return on investment. These opportunities allow individuals to live their lives to their fullest potentials, to enjoy a maximum of abundant living, and to support their families and themselves.

In this first quarter of 2017 alone we have placed over 2,100 people into jobs while serving over 11,000 across our local six county region.

It is my desire that you help support us with Building Lives That Work by investing in those we serve.

To find out how to make a financial gift please visit:

Where There Is Goodwill, There Is A Way

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