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One-Stop Shopping For Your Back-to-School Essentials

Whether you’re a parent preparing your child for a new school year, a student heading off to college, or a teacher getting ready for a semester of learning, Goodwill has what you need to start the school year right. From notebooks, pens, and backpacks to stylish outfits and unique dorm décor, our wide selection of quality items ensures you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • School Supplies: From notebooks, pens, and backpacks to calculators, binders, and art materials, we have everything you need to start the school year off right.
  • School Outfits: Dress to impress with our stylish and affordable clothing options. Whether you need uniforms, casual wear, or on-trend fashion, we have something for every student’s unique style.
  • College Dorm Decor: Set up your college dorm room in style! Find trendy and functional decor items, bedding, storage solutions, and more to create a cozy and personalized living space.
  • Teacher Supplies: Teachers, we’ve got you covered too! Stock up on classroom essentials, teaching aids, organizational tools, and educational resources to create an engaging and inspiring learning environment.
  • Virtual School Supplies: Adapt to the modern world of remote learning with our selection of virtual school supplies. From webcams, headphones, and laptop accessories to ergonomic solutions, we have the tools to enhance your virtual learning experience.
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Give Last Year’s School Supplies a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Holding onto last year’s school supplies, dorm room décor, uniforms, and other learning accessories? Donate what you no longer need to your local Goodwill retail store or Donation Xpress Centers in Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia counties. With more than 40 locations across Central Florida, your old school supplies can help students of all ages and grades, their parents, and teachers be prepared while decreasing your carbon footprint and textile landfill waste.

Drop off last year’s new and gently-used school necessities at all Goodwill retail and Donation Xpress locations!

Don't discard. Donate!
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Shop Sustainable Styles, Supplies, and More for the New School Year

At Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, we believe in the power of sustainable shopping. By shopping secondhand first at Goodwill for your back-to-school needs, you not only save money but also support our mission of providing job training and placement services to individuals in our community.

Why Choose Goodwill Central Florida for Your Back-to-School Needs?

  • Unbeatable Value: Save big on all your back-to-school essentials without compromising on quality. Our extensive collection offers everything you need to conquer the classroom and beyond.
  • Sustainability Matters: By shopping at Goodwill, you contribute to reducing waste and supporting a greener future. Every purchase is made with purpose and helps us create job opportunities right here in Central Florida.
  • Wide Selection: From school supplies and outfits for students of all ages to stylish dorm décor and teacher classroom supplies, we have it all. Discover unique, one-of-a-kind items that reflect your personality and make a statement.
  • Budget-Friendly Shopping: We understand the importance of sticking to a budget. Find incredible deals and savings so you can stretch your back-to-school budget further.
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