Goodwill is the place to go if you want to find unique costumes at a low price.

  • Costumes cost $25, includes full costume and accessories
  • Costume consultants offered in local Goodwill stores
  • Goodwill offers “look books” to help with costume-making process

Here are five things to know about Goodwill during the Halloween season.

  1. You don’t have to pay a bloody arm and a scarred leg this Halloween season. According to Goodwill, you can find unique costumes, including accessories, for a grand total of $25. Big box stores charge between $25 and $40 for baby costumes, $30-$40 for toddler costumes, and up to $129 for certain adult costumes. You then add on costs for other stuff, like wigs, and props.
  2. Each of Goodwill’s 28 local retail stores is staffed with a costume consultant to help complete your look.
  3. Halloween helpers have also created “look books” that basically deconstruct an ensemble, showing you the pieces and parts you’ll need.
  4. The big trend this year: steampunks. “Everything from the masks to the hats and then the clothing to match is in our racks as well,” said Goodwill Industries of Central Florida spokesperson Kim Praniewicz. “Some of these folks have taken tapestries, throws, draperies and have created these steampunk outfits.”
  5. The National Retail Federation estimates 68 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year, with 49 percent intending to decorate their homes, and 47 percent expecting to dress in costume.
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