Andrea at a fragrance event#MissionMoment: In our ongoing pursuit of facilitating financial stability and empowerment, today we spotlight Andrea’s journey as a testament to the transformative impact of our Prosperity Planning initiative at the West Lakes Financial Wellbeing Center.

Andrea, a resilient single mother of two, was introduced to our program at the West Lakes Financial Wellbeing Center by a fellow participant in 2021 during a pivotal moment in her life. Faced with the challenge of relocating due to the demolition of her current Section 8 housing complex, Andrea sought support to navigate this transition and achieve her aspirations.

Despite encountering hurdles, Andrea demonstrated commendable dedication to her goals upon joining our program. As a lead staff member within a housing division, she exhibited a steadfast commitment to personal and professional advancement. Her objectives encompassed homeownership, financial fortification through savings accumulation and debt reduction, and securing reliable medical care.

Engaging with diligence and determination, Andrea proactively pursued avenues for progress. Concurrently, she endeavored to augment her income through entrepreneurial endeavors, showcasing her resourcefulness through initiatives such as the Wax Welts Candles Podcast and crafting personalized merchandise.

Amidst these pursuits, Andrea confronted the challenge of accessing healthcare, a necessity she had neglected for several years. Guided by her prosperity planner’s recommendations, Andrea sought available resources and successfully enrolled in healthcare coverage, demonstrating a proactive approach to wellness management.

In March of this year, Andrea achieved a significant milestone in her housing journey, securing a Section 8 voucher and transitioning into a spacious rental home alongside her two sons. While the path to securing suitable accommodation posed challenges, Andrea’s unwavering resolve and optimism remained unwavering.

Looking ahead, Andrea sets her sights on further accomplishments, including obtaining her driver’s license, alleviating newly acquired debt obligations, and nurturing her aspirations of homeownership.

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