Ligia becomes a U.S. citizen#MissionMoment: Ligia’s journey is a testament to perseverance and the power of supportive guidance. A year ago, Ligia partnered with Prosperity Planner Sandra Marrero with the dual goals of advancing her career and improving her financial stability. Through the Prosperity Planning program, Ligia, who was also a recipient of the Goodwill Scholars employee tuition scholarship, seized the opportunity to not only enhance her English proficiency but also achieve US citizenship.

Ligia’s first obstacle to overcome was her finances. Ligia and her Prosperity Planner began by addressing Ligia’s financial challenges with a detailed budget and strategic debt reduction plan. Employing the “debt snowball method,” which tackles the smallest outstanding balance to the largest outstanding balance, Ligia made remarkable progress. She managed to consolidate $10,000 in debt, which significantly lowered her interest rates and boosted her credit score into the 700s. This improvement enabled her to downsize and completely pay off her remaining credit card debt.

Throughout this process, Ligia gained valuable insights into her spending habits and credit management. With Sandra’s support and practical financial advice, Ligia not only overcame immediate financial obstacles but also set a solid foundation for her future aspirations. Now, having completed her English courses, Ligia is poised to pursue certification and move closer to her ultimate dream of starting her own business.

Ligia’s story exemplifies how focused effort and dedicated support can transform financial hardship into a platform for future success. Her journey from debt to dreams is a beacon of hope for many, illustrating that with the right tools and guidance, achieving financial stability and personal ambitions is within reach.

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