Recording and Reporting Your Donations

Your donations are changing the lives of people in your community in a positive way by providing opportunities for job skills training, employment, and career advancement. Your donations are also diverted from area landfills, contributing to a sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy.

You may be able deduct your donations of textiles (clothing), household items, and other property to Goodwill if you itemize your deductions. Please consult your accountant, attorney, or an IRS office for further detailed information.

For donated goods valued at:

  • Less than $501 – Retain copies of your donation receipts from Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, and all itemized lists of goods donated. Receipts/ lists should reflect full descriptions of each item and the “fair market value” as determined by you.
  • $501-$5,000 – Retain your receipt and information as indicated above. Complete and submit with your return Section A of IRS Form 8283.
  • $5,001+ – Please plan large donations with us in advance to simplify “tax time” procedures for donations that exceed $5,001. Advance preparation is necessary because a Goodwill representative is required to sign your completed IRS Form 8283.
  • Receipts – Remember to request a receipt from the donation attendant on duty when dropping off a donation! We do not retain copies of your donation receipts. You will need your receipts to support your deduction with IRS.
  • Valuations – The IRS states it is the responsibility of the donor to establish the value of donated goods. This is called “fair market value”. Fair market value can be determined by a visit to one of our Goodwill retail thrift stores to review selling prices. *Note: Goodwill Industries of Central Florida employees are not permitted to evaluate or verify your evaluation of any donation, per IRS regulations.

Sales of your donated goods help us train and employ individuals in Central Florida to help them achieve their goals and create a greener environment through landfill waste diversion.

Thank you for your support Building Lives that Work®!