Man looks at receipts and smiles#MissionMoment: Tyray had a big goal: to pay off his $41K debt and achieve financial stability. He was working full-time at Goodwill, but his income was not enough to cover his expenses and his debt payments. He had credit cards, personal loans, and a repossessed car that were hurting his credit score and his peace of mind.

That’s when he decided to seek help from Prosperity Planning, a free service available to all Goodwill Industries of Central Florida (GICF) employees that provides one-on-one financial coaching and career guidance to help individuals achieve their goals. He met with his Prosperity Planner, Danika, who ran his credit report and helped him create a practical budget and a debt management plan, while strategizing how Tyray could increase his income and reduce his expenses.

Tyray was determined to achieve his goal as soon as possible. He took on a second job working part-time, bringing his total working hours to 70 per week. He followed his budget and his debt management plan diligently, making extra payments whenever he could. He also learned how to negotiate lower amounts on his closed accounts that were in collections. He was not only paying off his debt, but also improving his credit score and his financial confidence.

In just a few months, Tyray has paid off about $5K in debt and increased his credit score by 40 points. He is very proud of his progress and his hard work. He shares his updates with his Prosperity Planner every month, who celebrates his achievements and supports him along the way. Tyray is on track to pay off his debt and reach his financial goals. He is an inspiration to us and to other clients who are facing similar challenges.

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