Solange Turns a Passion into a Profession#Mission Moment: Solange had always been passionate about doing nails but lacked the resources to become a licensed professional. Practicing on acquaintances, she dreamed of a career in the nail industry but didn’t know how to turn it into a profession.

That changed when she met Sandra Marrero, her Prosperity Planner at Goodwill. Sandra informed Solange about the Goodwill scholarship for the Nails Specialty program at Orange Technical College. Solange applied for and received the scholarship, setting her on the path to achieve her dream.

Determined and resourceful, Solange reduced her work hours from 40 to 32 per week, made financial adjustments, and arranged for childcare for her daughter. Her strong financial management skills allowed her to cover the reduced paycheck with her savings.

During the eight-week program, Solange excelled, gaining significant knowledge and honing her skills. Now a licensed professional, she has started purchasing the necessary products and materials to serve her clients without overspending. Solange invests 50% of her profits back into her business to ensure steady growth.

Solange continues to work at Goodwill Industries of Central Florida and plans to initially work from home after her shifts. Her goal is to expand her business and serve clients at various locations. Thanks to Goodwill’s support, Solange has turned her passion into a thriving and promising profession.

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